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Hi, I'm Sabrina Seidman



This is my Story


I am SEIDS (Sabrina Seidman) pronounced sides. I am a singer, songwriter, producer, content creator and educator. I took a long hiatus after my first music releases in 2014 to focus on singing high end corporate gigs. In 2020 all of my gigs were cancelled so I shifted back to my songwriting roots. I learned how to produce my own music while building up my online presence sharing what I have learned.

I have built a global community of over 200K followers, sold hundreds of tickets to my virtual classes and have worked with music brands like iZotope, Slate Digital, BandLab, Sennheiser, Lewitt, Soundtrap, Hook Theory, SPLICE, Focusrite and many more. I am passionate about building a music community and inspiring/ motivating others to follow their dreams!