Social Media Growth Class - RECORDED     

Take a self-guided course that will give you the tools to grow social media channels for YOUR goals. In this class you will learn the steps to find success, content ideas, best practices, and much more. Social media is how I get 99.9% of my work. If you want to be a full time music creator this is the class for you!   

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Logic Pro Crash Course


This Crash Course offers 350+ Logic Pro Tricks across 17 sections‚ÄĒfocused, no-nonsense content. It's not a lengthy tutorial; instead, it's a curated collection of golden nuggets. Skip the videos mid-project and refer to the handy book guide provided. Efficient, valuable insights at your fingertips.

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Work with Music Tech Companies!

Transform your music career with this course. After a decade of post-Berklee struggles, I now earn over $200K annually, partnering with companies like Focusrite and Splice. Learn to create sample packs, monetize video demos, and consult for top brands. Turn your passion into a sustainable, rewarding career.

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Learn how to jumpstart your artist career by breaking into sync! We'll be talking about how to industry works, publishing royalties and how to find sync libraries and agents. This is a beginner class learning the fundamentals of sync. You can watch this class at your own pace.


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Download Digital Music Creator's Planner!


Stay Productive with these digital downloads. You can either print them or use them on a tablet/phone with apps like GoodNotes or Adobe. This is how I stay productive & effiecient as a full time music creator. 


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