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How to Work with Music Tech Companies

This course, "How to Work with Music Tech Companies," is more than just a set of lessons—it's a roadmap to transforming your music career, just like it did for me.

After struggling for 10 years to find my place post-Berklee, I finally found my niche within the music industry by working with music tech companies.

Now, as a full-time music creator earning over $200K a year, having worked with 60+ companies like Focusrite, Slate Digital, Splice, Universal Audio, and more I want to share EVERYTHING I have learned with you. I get paid $500-$6000 per video to create music and review products—all from the comfort of my home.

Let me show you how to leverage your skills and passion into a sustainable and rewarding career within the music industry that you may not have ever considered before!

What you'll get:

  • Module 1: Steps to Building Strategic Foundations Build a solid foundation for your career in the music tech industry by identifying your strengths and crafting a compelling brand identity. Develop a positive mindset and pinpoint your ideal client.
  • Module 2: Sample Packs Monetize your music ideas with sample packs. Learn recording tips, labeling, and marketing strategies to effectively sell your creations.

  • Module 3: Teaching Discover how to teach effectively with online platforms and monetize your knowledge through video demonstrations and live classes.

  • Module 4: Various Other Jobs Explore diverse opportunities within the music tech industry, from livestreams to marketing consulting, and learn how to capitalize on them.

  • Module 5: 11 Skills of Content Creation Master essential techniques for engaging your audience and building partnerships with music tech companies through visually appealing and valuable content.

  • Module 6: 7 Platform Strategy Skills Learn effective platform strategies across various digital platforms like Spotify, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to maximize your audience reach.

    Module 7: Building a Dedicated Audience Build a dedicated and engaged audience to support your music career by consistently posting high-quality content and fostering community engagement.

  • Module 8: Landing the Gig Learn how to land gigs with effective outreach and negotiation strategies, including building relationships and proving your value.

  • Module 9: Mastering the Gig Master the skills needed to work effectively with music tech companies, including setting fair prices, negotiating contracts, and handling client relationships.

  • Module 10: Becoming Your Own Boss Guide to becoming your own boss and navigating entrepreneurship in the music tech industry, emphasizing resilience and growth strategies.

  • Module 11: Leverage Your Business Leverage your business by creating multiple streams of revenue through courses, sample packs, and digital products, and explore passive income opportunities.

  • Module 12: Common Q&A’s Get answers to common questions about working in the music tech industry, including what beginners can offer and how to find the right contacts within companies.

  • Module 13: NEXT Steps Next steps for continuing your journey in the music tech industry, including further education and networking opportunities.

  • Bonus Video 1: Watch the behind the scenes process of me creating this sponsored video for a client. You will see how I write a hook highlighting key product features, setup, record, edit and post the video.  
  • Bonus Video 2: Watch a 1:1 session with Christina Tripp,(@christinatripp) a successful singer-songwriter and content creator. In the session, we cover strategies for successful brand collaborations, authenticity, transparency, and fair compensation, as well as practical advice on budgeting, workflow organization, and tips for beginners on negotiating fair rates and handling organizational challenges.

  • Bonus Video 3: Watch a 1:1 session with Jemma Heigis (@jemheigis) In this video, learn how to leverage your social media, securing brand sponsorships, creating income streams, defining goals, engaging your audience, monetizing content, building negotiation confidence, and developing a sustainable music business.

Total length of all videos: Approximately 5 hours

PLUS Included Digital Downloads:

  • Building Strategic Foundations workbook
  • Free MIDI pack 
  • Building a set checklist
  • Email templates for reaching out and negotiating with clients
  • Invoice template

PLUS 6 Months Free Access to an Exclusive Community

  • Share your work for feedback from me and other members
  • Connect with like-minded people
  • Receive notifications about pop-up events and more

PLUS you will be invited to pop up LIVE group 1:1 sessions  

Now is the best time to learn this skill because there are more opportunities available and not enough qualified people to fill them. This means you can get awesome gear, use your own music, work from home, and earn a comfortable income. If you're ready to learn how to work with Music Tech Companies, sign up today! Open enrollment is closing soon, so don't wait!